Main activities of the Congress preliminary program

10-11 September, 2018  

  Workshop on Alumina production  
  Workshop on Aluminium reduction technology  
  Workshop on Casting of aluminium and alloys  
  Young scientists forum  

11 September, 2018  

  Opening ceremony and group photo  
  Plenary session  
  Round table discussion «Development of BIM technology in metallurgy»  
  Symposium in memory of G.L. Pashkov  

12-13 September, 2018  

  Section «Alumina production»  
  Section «Aluminium reduction technology»  
  Section «Carbon materials»  
  Section «Casting, pressure and heat treatment of non-ferrous metals and alloys»  
  Section «Metallurgy of silicon»  
  Section «Mineral and raw materials sources of non-ferrous and precious metals »  
  Section «Metallurgy of non-ferrous and rare metals»  
  Section «Metallurgy of precious metals»  
  Section «Beneficiation technology of non-ferrous, rare and precious metals ores»  

14 September, 2018  

  Excursions to the metallurgical plants and R&D centers of Krasnoyarsk region and to the National Nature reserve «Stolby»  
  Young scientists forum